The number of sites supporting a movement of global oneness, oneness consciousness and peace seems to grow by the minute!

Below is a list of a few sites you may find interesting and helpful. We’ll be adding to this list and organizing it into sections, so check back again!

The Way of Harmony 

The Power of Infinite Love in Action 

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Humanity’s Team

Awakening the World to Oneness

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The Coming Inter-spiritual Age

The Coming Inter-spiritual Age is a long-awaited follow-up to Brother Wayne Teasdale’s classic The Mystic Heart:

Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions which initiated the modern “inter-spiritual movement.”

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Designed to add joy, wisdom and meaning to your life

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Please visit the huge web resource for inter-spirituality The Inter-spiritual Multiplex of Inter-spiritual Dialogue in Action (ISDnA).   Especially see the sections on Brother Wayne Teasdale and all aspects of the history and development of the inter-spiritual movement since the founding of ISDnA in 2002.

Visit also the websites of our direct associates:

Namaste Publishing and Namaste Global Community.

Community of The Mystic Heart  [founded as Brother Wayne Teasdale’s “Universal Order of Sannyasa”]

One Spirit Interfaith [One Spirit Learning Alliance and Interfaith Seminary]

The Order of Universal Interfaith [includes CIC-USA, the Council of Interfaith Congregations of the United States]

Spiritual Paths Foundation [founded by Fr. Thomas Keating and associates, administered by Dr. Ed Bastian]

Spirituality and Practice [founded by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat]

The Contemplative Alliance and Global Peace Initiative of Women

The New Monasticism Discussion

Good of the Whole

Contributing to an evolutionary platform of open source content, free learning opportunities, self-organizing co-creative constructs, and generative, shared practices that serve a unified global community. 

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