About We Love Us

The phrase “WE LOVE US” stands for 8 ‘Action Statements’ that depending on tense are Mission Statements, Action Statements and Result Statements. Plan, Do, Get!

WE LOVE US Action Statements as Mission Statements (It is our purpose to):

Weave a fabric of Unity & Peace Worldwide
Embrace Earth as irreplaceable and all Life with Respect

Love and Forgive Everyone, Unconditionally
Offer Openness, Honesty, Truthfulness and Transparency
Volunteer Service to Others
Ensure everyone gets a voice, vote and equal opportunity

Unite the Divided with Infinite Love
Solve Our Problems Together in Harmony

WE LOVE US … This came to me in pieces. The first part was the LOVE part, then the US part came. For a while I thought it was a new political party coming forth. I attended the President’s Inauguration in January of 2013 and I tested that idea on a number of people; it was warmly received, but all agreed would be hard to sell.

I started my class, Agents of Conscious Evolution, with Barbara Marx Hubbard, in late January of 2013, and the last piece of the vision, the WE came, revealing the greatest result: WE LOVE US. A short phrase that means everything!

What I saw then, and what has continued to evolve is WE LOVE US is the way to “save the world.” Except that, that is not right, because we don’t want to “save the world,” what we want is for the World to grow into the beautiful thing it has the great potential to become. It is of great comfort to me to have found the communities represented by such organizations as The Shift Network, Humanity’s Team, and the multitude of visionaries including Barbara Marx Hubbard and Neale Donald Walsh. So many great people are working together and so many are calling for the same thing; it is my hope that WE LOVE US will give that common ground and simple handbook and guide for everyone to follow and quickly start to make the world work, starting at home and work out from there into the world.

I was hoping we could see a radical shift in the United States by the year 2016, while others in this field have used the year 2020. Perhaps, given our current state of affairs they will be right after all. I for one am holding out for radical change by 2016! I hope WE LOVE US can play a role!

Thank you Dear Reader, Namaste’

(Original Post on this page was on 3/31/2013) Latest Update: November 13, 2014.

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P.P.s. It seems worthy of mention, that this website, through no specific planning, has simply evolved, and come into being during Passover in 2013; the first post was on Easter; and I live on Resurrection Bay. Something tells me, the Universe is smiling. ?